Maison Boissier Paris

Maison Boissier, a famous Parisian confectioner and chocolatier was one of the participants of the first Salon du Chocolat de Lille.

Bélissaire Boissier, the founder of Maison Boissier first opened his chocolate counter at Bolevard des Capucines in 1827. His business became rapidly reputable in Paris and he then expended his business on several posh avenues of Paris like Champs Elysée, Avenue Victor Hugo and others.

Maison Boissier produces different types of confectionnary such as marrons glacés, guimauve and calissons.

They also have delicate range of delicious chocolates, one of them pétales de chocolats (literally translated chocolate petals), flavoured with strawberries, lime or subtle flower aroma such as lavender, rose and jasmin.

In addition to chocolate and confectionaries, Maison Boissier offer delicatessen items, essentially tea and home-made jams.

Maison Boissier main address is in 16th arrondissement in Paris (where they also have a salon de thé) and two corners in Collette and Lafayette Gourmet. The good news is they also have another salon de thé… Tokyo!

Address in Address Book.

Website : Maison Boissier


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