Bienvenue chez les 3 Brasseurs

Being quite close to Belgium, kingdom of beers, Lille inherits excellent brewing know how and becomes a good  city to taste thousands of different sorts of beer.

One of the most interesting place to have a beer is non other then the famous “3 Brasseurs”.

The history of this brewery started when 3 masters of brewing ( one from Alsace, one from north of France and another from Belgium) got togather and competing to crate the best beer ever.

According to the myth, this competition lasted three whole days with testers, who were the inhabitants of Flanders were served an unforgettable dishes and beers. However, they couldn’t decide which beer was the best and the three masters finally decided to togather open a restaurant-brasserie which is now known as “Les 3 Brasseurs”.

Les 3 Brasseurs offers different kinds of beers but their most succesful one is the “Ambré” (or pale ale), which has been rewarded a silver medal in Concours Agricole, an official event hosted by the French Minister of Food and Agriculture.

Even if you are not into beers, this restaurant is worth to try if you are in Lille as they also serve northern and alsacien cuisine using the best local products.

Some of the dishes that one should try :

Tartine aux maroilles

Maroilles is a cheese originated from North of France that is famous after the film “Bienvenue Chez Les Cht’is”. Of all of the cheeses that I have personnally tested, I can say that maroille is one of the most interesting (read : with a very STRONG smell and taste ) I’ve ever tried.

Carbonnade Flamande

Another star eats of Les 3 Brasseurs is their “Carbonnade flamande”, a beef stew prepared by their own-brewed beers. Often accompanied by french fries, their final touch of pain d’épices made this dish extra special.

Enough said :)

Visit their website  Les 3 Brasseurs or Facebook FanPage

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