Madrid Architecture – route I Gran Via

Madrid is a very beautiful city. When you stroll around the town, don’t forget to look at the buildings, heavily decorated and influenced by each of the dynasties that has ruled the city.

Palacio de Comunicaciones

Starting from Plaza de Cibeles, you will see the astounding Palacio de Comunicaciones, a landmark built in 1909 by Antonio Palacios. It hosts City HallPostal and Telegraphic Museum until 2007 and since became Madrid’s official city hall.

Metropolis Building (or Edificio Metropolis), a Beaux-Arts style building at the beginning of Gran Via

Then, continue to the Gran Via and keep your head up because this street isn’t just a heaven for shopping but also sightseeing. In this street, you can also find Loewe store, the famous luxury brand specialized in high quality leather goods and accessories as well as a large number of hotels.

Beautiful details at Gran Via

Finally, when you arrive at the end of Gran Via, you will come across the “Spanish Broadway”, a centre of movie theaters and cinemas

Interesting links : 100 years of Gran Via


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