Madrid Architecture Route II – Paseo del Prado

Another great area to see architecture is along Paseo del Prado. When you have a world known museum and Ritz Hotel just beside, you know that the area is a must-see :)

Museo del Prado has a very rich collection of European Art from the 12th century to the early 19th century. This museum hosts paintings and sculpture from Rubens, Velazquez, Goya as well as Picasso’s famous Guarnica before it was moved to Reina Sofia in 1992.

The building was a work of Juan de Villanueva, one of Charles III favourite architect in 1785 with a neo-classical style. It was first used as Natural History Cabinet and finally turned into a museum by Ferdinand VII after being encouraged by his wife, Queen María Isabel de Braganza.

Museo del Prado entrance and  San Jeronimo el Real at the back, a 16th century Roman Catholic church

And just next to Museo del Prado, you can find Ritz Hotel. The year 2010 marked 100 years of this hotel. Inaugurated in 1910 by King Alfonso XIII, Ritz has welcomed number of high society, famous actors and actresses as well as politicians and royal family.

At the end of Paseo del Prado, you will finally arrive at Plaza de Cibeles and don’t miss the Palacio del Comunicaciones and Banco de Espana.

End of another beautiful promenade in Madrid! :)


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