At Elizabeth’s

Just before I went back to my home country for a short holiday, I went to a new tea room in Lille, named Elizabeth’s.

In my 5 years of experience in Lille, pastry shops other than French traditional classical “patisserie” is hard to find (which is why we wander and visit our British friends whenever we can, just to breathe, recharge and do something different.

So when I discovered this tea room while strolling around Vieux Lille one evening, I immediately made a plan with my girls to give this charming little tea room a try!

Elizabeth’s has a wide selection of English delicacies, such as scones, shortbreads and lemon curd, as well as American specialties such as cheese cakes and carrot cake (see mine here :) ). But if you are more gourmet than sweet-toothed, they also serve chicken rolls, pies and salads.

However, in my opinion, compared to Julie’s House in Ghent, this tea room still has some work to do, especially for the presentation and decoration. Maybe, a little English countryside decoration, make it more cozy, even simple touch such as cute dessert servings would be nice. (This was a month ago, maybe now it’s been upgraded..gotta have a look soon!)

The first Elizabeth’s was actually opened in Le Touquet market and Lille is their first tea room. As marked on their website, they will also be in Le Touquet’s Christmas Market in December, so hurry up!! I’m thinking of some nice Christmas cookies, fruit tartlets and gingerbread trees :)

Address in Lille :


71, rue Basse, 59800 Lille

Their website :

And Facebook page : Elizabeth’s


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