Discovered : Warmi

Coming from an asian country but living in France for almost 8 years makes me intrigued with anything intercultural. In a creative process, such as designing, I am sure that this aspect plays a very important role, such as how to incorporate colours, textures and materials which are known and familiar in a culture but not in the others.

During one of my visit at Marché des Modes in 2010, I discoverd Ignacio Meija, an environmentally friendly brand created by a Mexican stylist and a French photographer. Here, while reading secretforts article about Joinery,  I was introduced to another interesting brand, Warmi (means woman in Quechua, one of the last indigenous languages that still exists in the Andean region).

Warmi Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2011

The brand is created by the Columbian-French designer Sylvia Toth in 2008 and it has already received awards in France and Amsterdam. She lives and works in Paris but constantly returns to Columbia for inspirations.

What makes the collection so special is that it is handmade by women weavers in the villages of Tausa and Sutatausa in Colombia using traditional techniques. Each handmade item is numbered and signed by the artisan that made it.  Amid the mass production and high street fashion, you know that your purchase will be something exclusive.

The double culture surely help Sylvia Toth to put a touch of colours into her feminine and modern collection. Warmi is distributed within a number of retailers in Europe (Paris, Lyon, London, Edinburgh..hope to have one in Lille soon!), Asia (Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong…)  and a few others in the US, Bogota and Riyadh. The good news is that you can also buy online in their e-shop here.

All photos are from Warmi website


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