Love, life and death – Restless

Restless is one of my favorite movies of 2011, if not of all time. It was one of the movies that I can watch repeatedly and would happily memorize the dialogue .

The film was directed by the talented Gus Van Sant, who also did a good job with Good Will Hunting and Milk and filmed at his hometown in Portland, Oregon.

What I love the most is the simplicity of the film,  how two people meet at the oddest place (at a funeral) and their friendship progressively transform into love. There are no outstanding special effect in this movie, no big star actors (cue K-Stew and Rob-P) but yet it catches my heart and emotion (and not to mention it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival under Un Certain Regard category).

Meet Annabel (played by Mia Wasikowska, remember her from Alice in Wonderland?) and Enoch (played by Henry Hopper, son of actor and director Dennis Hopper)!

Restless is Hopper’s second film but he definitely one of those to-watch in 2012 (Instyle magazine lists him as 2012 Guy Crush here and Vogue already cast him in August with Georgia May Jagger )

Another thing that makes me like this film so much is Annabel’s dressing. The costume designer’s name is Danny Glicker, who previously worked with Van Sant for Milk. He also did a spectacular job in Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air.

Annabel wears a lot of gorgeous vintage inspired pieces in this film, exclusively made for her. The film evolves around how to deal with death but the clothing was far from “goth” and dark.

While for Enoch (never heard this name before but now completely fallen for it :) ), Danny Glicker explains that his clothes are some sort of “an armor – a barrier between themselves and the world and to create a set of rules about what their world means” as he is quite a depressed-type kid.

A leopard coat a pair of red gloves – her outfit for the first date

Danny Glicker’s inspirations come from Alexender McQueen and Bill Cunnigham. Read more about him in this interview by MTV Style.

So, make sure this one is in your list of Sunday/night-in movies….Me in the meantime, am going to check out Last Days, another movie by Gus Van Sant , a film on the last days of the great Mr. Cobain.

Have a nice Sunday!

All photos are from Sony Pictures Classics


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