The rising star

A few days after posting about one of my favorite films, Restless, I “accidently” found an article of Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper, underneath my magazine pile (everyone has a tons of magazine that you reaally want to read but still has not enough time, right?) :)

In Elle US January 2011 edition, this two rising star were sweetly photographed by Mr.Director Gus Van Sant. They also talked about the film and their inspirations.

A small extract from the magazine :

“Hopper hs studied method acting (along with drawing and painting) and loves Buster Keaton films, German expressionnist cinema from the ’20s, and the Montgomery Clift classic A Place in the Sun.

Wasikowska has been dabbling in photography (while reading Susan Sontag’s On Photography) and grew up in Australia watching Krzysztof’s color trilogy (Red, White and Blue) and art house flicks by Jean-Luc Godard.”

And oh yeah, she’s also the new face of MiuMiu!

All photos are from Elle US January 2O11 and via


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