Sipping coffee with…Genna M

It’s been a while since I passed by a beautiful vintage shop at Rue des Trois Mollettes and every time I stopped in front of the shop, I had this jaw-dropping moments and starry eyes, completely fall in love with the clothes in the display.

See what I mean?

Back home, trembling hand and heart thumping, I finally decided to send an email to Genna, the owner of the shop and asked her if I can come by and visit her shop. She replied my mail and there I was, in front of her shop, happy as a child.

The sweet and talented Genna did her fashion studies in ESMOD (l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode ) in Roubaix and had worked for Zara in Spain for a few years, a precious experience which had helped her to open her own business. It is definitely a very scarry decision to take, from having a stable income every month to being an entrepreneur and totally independant, but it is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Other than the Pimkie fashion challenge in which she won the first place, she was also the first runner-up in an international fashion show that was held in Tokyo. It was during this challenge that she was convinced that dress is her passion. This shop is hence a heavenly combination where you can find beautiful vintage clothing and her own design of romantic and retro style dress.

The vintage collection are above all carefully choosen during her travels in major fashion capitals, which make it easier to find your favorite dress or accessories. See my favorites here :

Perfect shirt for the coming spring…More after the jump!

Will love to style this dress with a simple white Col Claudine collars

Most of the vintage stuffs are below 100€, so definitely in the budget for most of us. Her own design dresses are of course more expensive, since they are exclusive and handmade.

Dress Mistinguet by Genna M

Dress Twiggy by Genna M.

When I asked her the “secret” to finding beautiful vintage garments, she cleverly advised me not to be shy to ask the shop owner about the stuff in their shop, be it the year, materials or the style. She also recommended mixing styles and not having a total look while wearing your vintage purchase..

So, don’t wait…head up to her store right now! Happy Monday!

Address :

Genna M
18 rue des Trois Mollettes
59800 Lille


  Website  Genna M

  Facebook Genna M

All photos are by myfavoritelist except the last two from Genna M website


2 thoughts on “Sipping coffee with…Genna M

  1. This shop is amazing! The clothes are beautiful and so “of the moment” even though it’s vintage! The creations are really original and cheap seing the quality of the fabric!

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