An American in Lille – David Lebovitz

Lille is not a very famous town, even for french people. It rains a lot here and we don’t have Eiffel Tower (not so romantic). However, being Lilloise for almost five years now, I am very proud of my adopted hometown and what it can offer you (this is what I am trying to mainly show you through this blog :))

When I came across David Lebovitz’s post on Lille, I knew right away that I had to share it here. David is one of the famous American chef/cookbook writer who lives in Paris since 1999. In his famous blog , he shares his experience living live à la française,  doing reviews about parisien restaurants and share delicious recipes.

So here’s his post about his adventure finding the perfect sink for his home and eating the famous northern dish les moules frites – Lille, Aux Moules and a Sink.

And here’s another post on Lille, in which he talks about Aux Merveilleux de Fred (find my post about les merveilleux here)


Photo from David Lebovitz’s blog


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