20 Most Beautiful Bookstore

I am the kind of person that is as happy as a kid whenever I am in a bookstore. Nowadays, bookstores are as stylish as big and high range department store and no more dusty, weird-looking shop (even if this can be quite charming sometimes).

Here are some pictures taken from an article about “The 20 most beautiful bookshop” that I found via Flavorwire. Keep reading and enjoy!

Selexyz Bookstore, Maastrich, Holland

It was actually an old cathedral which has been turned into a bookshop. The renovation and restoration of old buildings cost way too much for the city council, which is why they give a chance to private companies to settle in in this type of building as long as they maintain the architecture and the heritage.

I had the chance to visit this bookshop during my short trip there a few years ago. Gonna dig in my computers and hopefully find my photos so that I can share it with you soon.

Livaria Lello, Porto, Portugal

Talk about creepy and eerie huh? :) Spectacular grand staircase

Cook&Book, Brussels, Belgium

This beautifully design bookstore is located in my neighbour country Belgium. In this picture we have the “English book” section, where they have a typical “so brit” decoration. Cook&Book also have restaurants, tea room and they serve brunch on Sundays up to 3p.m. Definitely in my to-do list when for my next Brussel trip.

“Cuccina” section of Cook&Book with a classy Fiat 500

Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Just entering this bookstore make you feel glamourous. It is actually an old movie palace built in the 20’s and you can do some reading in theatre boxes!

Livaria da Vila, Sao Paolo, Brezil

Breathe fresh air while you work your brain (or drink coffee), will you?

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France

Of course, the most famous bookstore in Paris, Shakespear&Company. No wonder Woody Allen featured them in Midnight in Paris.

10 Corso Como, Milan, Italy

Another glamourous place to be. This bookshop provides publications on art, graphic, architecture and of course fashion, as it is opened by Carla Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia.

These bookstores are part of the list. See full article here.

All photos are from Flavorwire


4 thoughts on “20 Most Beautiful Bookstore

    • Hi nina!

      Bookstores are definitely a place to visit whenever you travel…Personally, right now for me the nearest bookstore in the list is Cook&Book in Brussels as it is 1/2 hour from my town…but I love to visit the one in Milan as well! :)

  1. The first one is in Maastricht? Wow, I didn’t know our country had such beautiful places! Definitely going to visit that place some day soon!

    • hi Anne!

      I am not sure if the list is in orders or they just put togather 20 most beautiful bookstore in the but I can assure you that when I visited the one in Maastricht, I was speechless! They even converted the chapel into a small café!

      p/s : i think Holland has a lot of talented designers :)


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