Topshop supporting the youth

Economic meltdown in Europe has been really showing its impact lately with endless discussions among country leaders and continuous news on problems such as re-location of factories and mass lay offs. In France, a lot of politicians talk about products fabriqués en France as a way of boosting local market and get back on the track.

Of course, amidst this unfortunate crisis, the young generation is badly affected, whether on finding job or making ends meet until the end of the month. That is why when I learned about the NEWGEN program, I thought that it really is an excellent initiative.

Created in 1993 by the British Fashion Council, the NEWGEN program offers various help to new talented designers (see full article here) to start their collection and their show. Topshop joined this program in 2001 and collaborated with the NEWGEN talent to produce stunning collection specially made for the fashion aficionados at a very reasonable price.

This year’s collection will be out on February 17th with a range of exclusive t-shirt by the name such as Peter Pilotto, Mary Katrantzou and Erdem (my favorite!!). These gorgeous pieces will definitely be one of our spring and summer essentials!

See some of my pick here :

See more of these awesome tshirts here or at their Facebook page here!

All photos are from Topshop


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