Cool Office Space – Lego

New companies especially the one in IT such as Facebook and Google had been known for offering their workers such a relaxing and cool work environment. Strict office spaces and lame meeting rooms are now replaced by colourful and almost kindergarten-look like buildings. Of course, with revenue in the billion, you can design your office as you wish and offer free meals to your employees.

Here however, I stumbled upon another interesting office space by….(drumroll please) LEGO!

Of course, they are creating construction toys, so this type of fun environment makes sense and suit their job. Designed by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord (the design firm had splitted since, becoming two new companies Rune Fjord Ltd and Rosan Bosch Ltd), this Lego office is situated at Billund, Denmark.

Open space for group collaboration and gathering

The idea is to mix collaborative spaces and more personal and private rooms for individual offices, meeting rooms and such. However, they also have “Fun Zone” where children test their new models (imagine how scared it is that your creation is being judged by a five-year old boy?!)

Display idea anyone? This is their mini podium to show off Lego creations

Very open yet very structured space

Well, if you are tired after working for many hours, don’t worry, just take their glide slide! Easy-peasy! And see pink private area there? Such an eye-candy!

I would totally love to work here! Happy friday and have a nice weekend!

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