Two days in Paris – Part II

Here we are in the second floor of Palais de Chaillot. The access to the second floor is done via this stunning combination of shocking pink floor and fierce red wall area.

stairs Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine

Upon arriving, you can see a bright and luminous area where a number of architecture models, sketches and drawing as well as photos were displayed.

Galerie d'Architecture Moderne

The right side of this gallery is fully dedicated to architecture in France and how it evolves within the society. The exhibition starts with a model of Haussmannian style Parisian apartment. This style was named by the great architect Georges-Eugène Haussmann who mainly served Napoleon III. Original apartments of this style usually has wooden floors, fireplaces and tiny balcony, facing big Parisian boulevards.

Haussmann building model

Next you have another style of Parisian buildings, designed by architects August Perret and his brother Gustave Perret. This building is one of the brother’s famous creation and listed as ingenious in greatbuildings website.

Rue Franklin apartments Auguste and Gustave Perret

After a short tour, if you are tired, don’t hesitate to sit down and take a break because the view from this floor is…breathtaking!

Eiffel view from Palais de Chaillon

Well after your short rest, I suggest you take a look at the huge structure in at the end of this area which host a prototype of Le Corbusier appartment in Marseille.

Then, on a much more smaller scale, you can also find sketches like here :

Sketches of Quartier de Bercy buildings

Sketches of Bercy neighbourhood and French Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment

Other models of public buildings that I love are  Centre Georges Pompidou and Gare du Nord train station (this is where you take the train to the northern part of France).

See the details of Centre Georges Pompidou steel structures

Gare du Nord Paris model

North Station or Gare du Nord, built by German-born French architect Jacques Hittorff

Sadly I hadn’t had the chance to visit the third area which is Galerie des Peintures Murales et des Vitraux (wall paintings and stained-glass windows) as I was in hurry to see a friend.  I hope this short post will give you some highlights on this wonderful museum and you will visit this place if you are in Paris one day!

Have a nice Monday and a productive week ahead!


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