Visit : Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht

Remember the beautiful bookstore in Maastricht? I had the chance to visit the bookstore and see by my own two eyes this astounding architecture in 2009. Here are my personal photos of the visit!

Near Selexyz entrance MastrichtCafés near the bookshop entrance

This impressive bookstore was opened in 2006, in the heart of a 13th century  Dominican cathedral. The interior was done by Merkx+Girod architecture firm, who also have won the Lensvelt de Architect Interior Prize 2007 for their work in this bookshop.

Interior of Selexyz Dominican MaastrichtThis two-storey black-steel structure is where they keep most of their books. The lighting was also beautifully done as it has successfully lit the church without overcoming the natural light.

Interior of Selexyz Dominican MaastrichtMThey do have a good number of books, don’t they?!

Selexyz Dominican Maastricht As many the books are in Dutch, I didn’t buy any of them. However, I did insist my boyfriend to have a coffee inside this bookshop, served by Blanche Dael coffeelovers.

Café inside Selexyz Dominican MaastrichtThe café view from the black-steel structure

Café area Selexyz Dominican Maastricht

Blanche coffeelovers MaastrichtOur more-than-satisfying choice of the morning :)

Mixing the new and old style sometimes welcomes a lot of critics. For example, when architect Ieoh Ming Pei built the Louvre Pyramid, many people felt that the futuristic edifice looked quite out of place in front of the classical architecture of Louvre Museum .

However, I think in this case, Merkx+Girod had successfully preserved the original style of the church, while still introducing contemporary elements in their work. In fashion we might say that we mix “vintage pieces” with designers, but in architecture? What do you think of mixing style?

I hope you enjoy these few pictures of mine and I definitely encourage you to drop by at this bookshop whenever you are in Maastricht.

Have a nice Tuesday!

Selexyz Dominicanen
Dominicanerkerkstraat 1, 6211 CZ Maastricht, Holland


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