Creative Thinking

I am relatively new to blogging world. I admit that if I didn’t have this working visa problem here in France (See this good post on Lost in Cheeseland), I would have not actively posting to my blog. Since this problem, well…about three months ago, I started to dig in into my head, thinking, how can I fill in my days with some productive activities?

I thought I wanted to sharpen my skills in a less technical area, be it communication, sales, marketing or…writing! So this is how myfavoritelist started and I hope this will help me to learn and meet new people.

Of course, when you have a blog, you have to have a nice content. This is what making blog interesting and you are contributing to enrich the information on the world wide web. However, good content is not easy to find. This is why I want to share you this infographic made by Blue Glass Infographic team that I found via Copyblogger on “How to Create Compelling Content” for bloggers.


22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic

Happy Wednesday y’all!


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