Visit : Salon du Chocolat Part I

Hey there! Hope everyone has a productive week so far….Just like I said last Friday, I went to Lille’s 2012 Chocolat Show which took place at Lille Grand Palais.

I think the entry fee’s is a little bit more expensive than last year but it’s worth the sacrifice because I had a lot of fun tasting chocolates, asking questions and watching free shows.

If you are on diet , I recommend you not to take a look at all the photos below too much because I’m sure you’ll want to have chocolates right away :)

Enough blabbering, let the show begin!

Guillaume Vincent Tablet

Guillaume Vincent BonbonFirst stop is Guillaume Vincent, a well-known chocolatier in Lille who’s chocolate decoration has already captured my attention last year. His chocolates, whether it is in tablet form or bonbon, has a beautiful printed-like top, making me feel almost guilty to put them in my mouth.

I love this vintage style coffee stop where you can savour hot chocolates, coffees and teas.

Temptations, I told you!!

One of Valentino Chocolatier’s staff preparing samples for visitors

Cooking show by Artisan en Or chef

Lille’s famous patisserie and chocolatier, Meert

So I leave you with this delicious chocolate fountain (so not healthy but damn yummy). I’ll post about my choice for this year’s show, Michel Cluizel in my next article.



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