The future of your next-door shop

Hey ya! Hope you all had a good, relaxing weekend!

Today’s find is a little bit tech-geeky but don’t worry it’s not at all hard to understand.

I am sure that everyone has been to a supermarket or mall once in their life (unless you are King Karl, of course ). If you are clumsy like me, sometimes I forget to weigh my carrots and oranges and stick the barcode on their plastic bags. This annoying situation (for me and for the people waiting behind me at the checkout counter) will soon be solved!

In Japan, thanks to Toshiba Tech, you can scan now your fruits and veges without having the barcode. This is done by a machine integrated with Object Recognition (OR) technics. I think technical explaination of this would be too boring long but the video here is not bad. Enjoy!

Of course, as questionned by here , the machine only recognise the “facial” aspect of the product and their labels but not their weight. I am sure however the company will improve this by their science and tech experts out there and we will soon integrate OR-able machine in our daily life. You know, like Apple, their first tablet computer called MessagePad was born in 1993 but yet it was not a great success at that time. With years of R&D, they finally came out with iPad.

For me,during my IT and multimedia classes, I kinda have basic courses in this subject (which I can tell you needs a lot of attention and hard work for exams). But this is what learning gives you, a challenge to your mind and the capacity to overcome them.

I hope you will have a très productive week and don’t stop learning y’all!


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