Don’t fake fashion – CFDA x E-Bay

Hi there! Today is THE day for the debut of CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and E-Bay campaign “You can’t fake fashion”. It is actually a campaign created to raise awareness against counterfeit goods.

Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA said:

“The CFDA works to protect designers’ intellectual property, and fighting counterfeits is a critical issue to CFDA, eBay and the fashion industry at large. We continue to collaborate with eBay on this bold campaign to educate shoppers on the dangers of counterfeits, raise awareness of our mutual dedication to the fight against fakes and emphasize the importance of original design.”

As many knows, counterfeit goods are sold all around the world and the profit from this business doesn’t really go where it should. Here in France, some major haute couture brands copycats are sold at weekend markets and in my opinion this is totally untolerable. However, thank God some brands are making more and more effort in taking care their artisans and craftsmanship (I love this book by Fendi and also Gucci museum in Florence), paying hommage to their country’s tradition and the brand’s legacy. Of course, as customers, we also play a big part in contributing to the repect of the brand and this is why I think the CFDA x E-Bay campaign is a good action.

A number of strong names in fashion area such as Charlotte Ronson, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren are designing tote bags where all benefits from their sales will go the CFDA Foundation. The designer customized bags will retail at $200, and the four standard supply styles will be $45.

Here are some of views of the designed bags :

I really don’t mind having each of this bag here :) I love the tough-look of this Tory Burch’s and also Peter Som’s romantic choice with flowers. The one from Kate Spade will be a perfect to-go tote that I will keep in my office. They are all very wearable and such a fresh update for spring wardrobe.

So, hurry up to the Ebay page for this campaign here!!

Via teenVogue


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