Crème of the cru, Michel Cluizel

Just like I said in my last post about Salon du Chocolat in Lille, my choice for this year is from Michel Cluizel.

Before talking about the chocolates, let me introduce you to Mr Cluizel himself!

Cacaofèvier and chocolatier from Normandy, Michel Cluizel’s parents already had a pastry business before expanding it into making chocolate. In 1948, he joined his parents’ business as an apprentice. He now owns a boutique in Rue Saint Honoré in Paris as well as sales points in Riyadh, London and US.

Cocoa beans

Now on to my delicious chocolates. After hesitating for a while, I chose two chocolates from his “single plantation” range, Maralumi and Los Anconès. As specified by the name, each of these chocolates from this exclusive range is composed from one and only one plantations. I really think that this is what makes it special, just like when you have to choose between single malt and blended whiskey :)

All the single plantation range

My first choice, Los Anconès comes from Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, at the heart of the Carribean Sea. Proudly produced by Rizek family, these beans release liquorice wood as well as red berries and green olive aromas. Not to mention, this organic-certified dark chocolate has won Organic Food Awards in 2010 from Soil Association.

As Mr.Boyfriend taste is alwaaays different from mine (with a penchant for milk chocolate) I have to also consider this other type of chocolate. Of course, I am not going to complain as I will have a chance to taste it! My heart goes to Maralumi Lait, a chocolate from Papua New Guinea. It has an aroma of bananas, red berries and blueberries with a strong milky characters.

In addition to its high quality and exquisite taste, I really love that the chocolate is produced with little details, thus confirming its status as “luxury” products. The price is however still reasonable, 3€ for Los Anconès and 3,50€ for Maralumi. With such price, you can always have one in your kitchen, ready to comfort you at all time.

Michel Cluizel also has a Chocolate Museum in Damville (about 100km from Paris) where you can have a tour and hopefully chocolate tasting. In anyway, you can always visit the website here.

In Paris

Michel Cluizel
201 Rue St Honoré  75001 Paris, France

In New York

Chocolat Michel Cluizel
888 Broadway, at 19th Street, in ABC Carpet and Home (after store hours enter at 35 East 18th Street)

I can see that you are drooling now :)  Love.


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