Chocolate and Art

Chocolates are not just meant to be eaten, at least this is what I will try to show in this post. They can also be produced in other forms of art.

First are chocolate sculptures. These are originals and uniques creations. They are carefully scuptulered into renown artworks and did offer me an enjoyable art experience. Here during the Salon du Chocolat, most of them are inspired by the famous comic books by artist Hergé, Tintin.

Sculpture chocolates Tintin

Chocolate sculpture

Next come paintings by chocolates. White chocolates, dark chocolates and cocoa butter are used to paint North region’s famous landmarks such as les beffrois and city halls.

Chocolate paintings beffroi

Not sure if these paintings will stay put and not melting during summer. However, I really love how they use chocolates as materials in these artworks. Even if they are merely more than 3 colours, the combination of the right amounts can create distinctive hues, thus making these paitings picturesque and rich.

Later of this week I will bring you final photos of Salon du Chocolat, this time of chocolates and fashion. Check my previous posts here and here about my visit to Salon du Chocolat if you’ve missed them.

Till next post!


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