Chocolate and Fashion

As I promised you in my last post, I will share with you the last photos of Salon du Chocolat in Lille today. In this final post, we will see creative combination of chocolates and fashion.

Chocolate and fashionAs if the creative aspects in fashion is not hard enough, transforming chocolates into these creations surely asks a lot of patience and painstaking attention to details. I guess the most difficult part is to delicately assemble all elements in a creation so that it will take shape.

Beautiful (and surely delicious) ruffle dress

Chocolate and fashionA robe bustier with a white chocolate on top!!

Chocolate and fashion Stylish Red Riding Hood-inspired cape, perfect for next winter?

I finally showed you all of the wonders that I saw during this year’s Salon du Chocolat in Lille. The joy continues of course with the coming Easter  and I can already see a lot of chocolates from different brands in the shop or at the chocolaterie. I hope that you all had a delightful time and I can’t wait for the next Salon du Chocolat to come.

See you in next post!


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