Around the world in four spreads

Hi there! Last week I stumbled upon this series of guides on food spreads from four different cultures in Food Republic. I really love this because I think it is such a simple but great idea for entertaining and hosting dinner party.

Being abroad for almost eight years now, I do miss my local food such as beef rendang or satay but I surely am thankful for all the opportunities and experiences that I had here in Europe. My city is not that “melting pot” but it is growing to be one. In addition to all Middle East kebabs, we can see that more and more Asian (mostly Chinese) and American-inspired restaurants are open here. Of course there are still a lot of progress to make but I am glad that food scene here is changing.

Nuff said, let’s take a look at this 4 worldwide food spreads.

1) Italian Antipasti spread

Spicy cured meats, sharp cheeses, unctuous ham, crunchy pepperoncini — the makings of the antipasti spread are a delicious, time-tested combo.

2) Mediterranean Mezze spread

I think that this is a great and healthy choice for a party or a picnic. This will definitely brings you the cool French Riviera-vibe to your event.

3) Korean Banchan spread

I admit that this is the least known spread for me as I had tried Korean restaurant just once but it looks good. I still have some research to do on this :)

4) French Charcuterie spread

This is maybe what I will have this weekend as we are having a little trip to the Normandy countryside. And I am mentally and physically prepared to spend at least 3 hours à table.

There is a lot of things happening this weekend for me…from short visit to Normandy to this Journées Européennes des Metiers d’Art. During this whole weekend, you can actually visit craftsman and artisan and see their works if you are in France and other few European countries. See the website here.

I will also take a tour at Lille’s Salon Tendance Habitat, a great show on home decorating and gardening, so some articles on that later next week.

Have a nice weekend and till next post. Happy entertaining if you have one :)

all photos are from food republic


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