Visit : Salon Tendance Habitat Lille

Well, let’s say I was a lil’ disappointed with this show. Of course you can’t expect it to be as big as “Maison et Objet” but I was hoping to meet talented more local designers anyway. There  are some quite good stuff but it doesn’t really make me goes “wooah” for my first visit to this Salon Tendance Habitat. Hope they will do it better next year!

I, however wouldn’t let the chance to snap some photos to slip away, anyway. Let’s see for the interiors first.

chairs salon tendance habitat lille 2012A set of high quality and expensive chairs exposed by Ideat magazine

neutral salon tendance habitat lille 2012I really like this wood sculpture that works as a sceen, perfect as a seperator in a huge neutral-based interiors and lofts. And can you see the minimalist-style lamp there at the left?

pink stool tendance habitat Lille 2012Another natural-inspired furnitures. Wonder if I can have an ipod station like this black sculpture at the back…

Now off to exteriors and garden part. Undoubtedly colours is a popular choice for garden ensembles. After a long and cold weather of winter, a touch of orange, shocking pink and apple green will surely brings you some vitamin C (at least for your eye feast :) )

garden salon tendance habitat lille 2012

garden salon tendance lille 2012As much as I love colours, I don’t want my small balcony to transform into a circus. So, I think we should mix some neutral pots here and there.

pots neutral Salon Tendance Habitat Lille 2012

Salon Tendance Habitat Lille 2012They also have a small part where you can buys seeds, roots and cute tools for gardening!

I spare you some photos of Design Reservoir stand in this post but I’ll talk about it next time. It is actually a promising coorporation recently created by designers in Lille and in Belgium. Need to do some research on that before posting articles of course!

I wish you all Happy Easter Sunday and till next post. Love.


3 thoughts on “Visit : Salon Tendance Habitat Lille

    • Hi there! This show is not really one of my favorites but surely there are a lot of interesting things to see! Hope they’ll do better next year with more young designers.. thanks for stopping by :)

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