Beautiful vintage finds

The car boot sale and vintage markets season is starting here in Lille. Having a few days off, I took the chance to scour for a few stuff, (mostly unnecessary :) ) to decorate my apartment and add my collection.

Firstly for those who are living in Lille or have ever been here, I am sure that you have heard or been at least once to the Wazemmes market. This market is held three times a week (every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) in the famous Wazemmes neighbourhood in Lille.

My first find is this beautiful black and red skirt. The vintage-stand where I found this skirt has a quite good selection of 60’s and 70’s wear as well as accessories and hats. I paid 10€ for this, which I think is quite expensive but the quality is good. It is written on the tag that the skirt is size 40 but I guess the ladies in the old time has a waaay slimmer waist than nowadays, huh? Anyway, so happy to find this skirt, can’t wait to wear it when the sun goes out (soon, hopefully).

Lille vintage skirt Wazemmes Market

Next is a coffee set that I paid for 20€. It was sold at a thrift shop near the market. I completely fell in love the moment I saw it, especially with the delicate flowers and the mint colour, very 2012 Spring style. The coffee pot comes with eight cups as well as a sugar and creamer pots.

vintage coffee set wazemmes lille

Finally, a gorgeous artsy painting with a simple black frame from the car boot sale in my neighbourhood this morning. I immediately knew where to put it when I saw it this morning. It matches my black dresser very well and adds a touch of colour to a basic neutral bedroom.

The coffee set and this painting is my first vintage buy for my appartment, so I am quite happy with them. I usually tend to buy more clothes than home decor. The most satisfying thing for me is that I had saved quite an amount of money for stuffs that I love. Hopefully this is just the beginning of an exceptional journey of vintage findings. If you have any advice on buying vintage, let me know.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love.


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