Neon and Burgers At Le Sixties

This one great restaurant has been on my go-to list since quite sometime now. I first discovered it in a local journal where they talk about the stylish vintage decoration of the restaurant and of course, the major star of the place, their burgers!! Actually, I had already called once to make a reservation on a Saturday evening but unfortunately they were fully booked. So last weekend I made my second try and did it!!

Le Sixties is situated outside the center of Lille but it is still within a walking distance from the town. The place is quite small (at least the front area) as it is situated at a corner of a street. However, as the restaurant’s name says it well, their 60’s inspired decoration is worth the visit, at least for a cocktail drink and better yet, for a full American-style meal (while staying in France, of course!).

Enjoy some of the decoration pictures here, before we move to the delicious part of the meal! :)

le sixties neon decorationNeon ceiling at the restaurant

le sixties mini car decorationWe had the chance to sit by the window, nicely decorated by mini vintage cars decoration

The first thing that I love during that dinner night is our drinks. I had a very healthy and vitamin C loaded cocktail while Mr. ordered for a usual beer. The price for the drinks is equivalent to what we usually pay for in a restaurant in the town center but we had almost double in size. So instead of having to re-order drinks for the meal, we stick to what we already have for the rest of the dinner. Savvy huh? :)

cocktails at le sixties

Next come the main course.

I had the choice between two fish burgers (cod and salmon) or a vege burger (potato patties with brocolis, if I remember correctly). Without hesitation, I directly chose the vege burger for a change as I usually had no choice except fish burgers. While for Mr, who has been a fan of burger for a long time, choose to have a burger with a double portion of beef.

double beef burger le sixties

vege burger le sixties

Both burgers are well prepared but how I wish they could be more “creative” for the side dishes. As you can see in the photos, we had french fries and quite poor presented salad to accompany our main course. Maybe alternatives such as coleslaw or potatoes could be excellent choice in addition to french fries.

We skipped the dessert for the day but I don’t banish the possibilities to come back here sometime in the future to try their pecan pie or cheesecake (with a hope that they’re homemade). Another renown America-style diners here in France is Memphis Coffee, a franchise restaurant that is situated near a big shopping mall. Honestly, I prefer this one for the quality AND the price of the meal. The American-inspired decoration there is surely more interesting there but they have less choice for other non-meat burgers.

You can take a tour at their website here but many of their pages are still under the construction.

Take care and till next post! Love

Le Sixties
130, Avenue de la République
59110 La Madeleine

All photos are by me


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