The Talks with Gus Van Sant

I have never been such a good movie fan until I met my Mr. Growing up, my parents are not the type that bring their kids to movies but more to bookshops and libraries.

However, since a few years now, I think my admiration to film director Gus Van Sant is growing. There’s something appealing about his low-profile style but yet he succeeds in doing great films such as Milk and Restless (see my review of Restless here). I love how his films talk about different issues in life in an honest way. Not to mention the stylish costume designers and authentic prop in each film.

I discovered this week a lovely interview of Gus Van Sant on The Talks where he shares his passion about photography, his inspirations and other stuff.  Hurry up to read the interview here.

Have a good and relaxing weekend.

Credit photo The Talk.


2 thoughts on “The Talks with Gus Van Sant

    • Totally agree with you! I love high-budget film but a nice, cool film sometimes leaves much more impact on you then those with a lot of Hollywood stars and ads. Just like you said, very unhollywood :)

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