Happy Friday! (and weekend plans)

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure everybody is busy looking for the perfect gift for their spouse, mother, kids and why not your boss! Me too, I love festive season but sometimes buying presents and planning for holiday can be so stressing. Fortunately for those who lives in Lille or nearby, a lot of things are happening this weekend here where you can definitely take advantage to buy something special.

The first great weekend plan is the annual “Marché des Mode” (fashion market) in Roubaix.

marché des mode roubaix lille

This annual fashion market is an excellent place to find a unique Christmas present as all the jewelleries, clothes and accessories are specially made by local designers.  You are not only certain to find a one-of-a-kind and memorable Christmas gift, but you are also supporting local talents and economy! What’s not to love, right?

While this winter fashion market might have mostly gifts for girls and women, you might want to have a look at this other cool event where you can find interesting stuff for your men family members , i.e. your son, lovely husband or nephew.

ankama fan fest

Ankama Fan Fest is a video game festival organized by the Lille-based entertainment company Ankama. Nowadays one of the most successful companies in town, Ankama started as a small video game company in 2001. They have since grown into an extensive brand of animé TV shows, comic books, toys and other merchandises. Furthermore, the three co-founders of the company were actually in the same engineering school as me, giving me another huge reason to be proud of them!

During the Fan Fest, a lot of fun activities will be held such as testing sessions, game tournaments, workshops and expositions. Of course, you can buy their video games and other related products.

Here are the addresses for both events and the website on which you can have a look for more info :

Ankama Fan Fest : Maison Folie Wazemmes, 70 rue des Sarrazins, 59000 Lille

Marché des Modes : avenue Jean Lebas, 59100 Roubaix / 27 rue de l’Espérance, 59100 Roubaix

I’ve told you my plan for this weekend, so now it’s your turn! Tell me yours!

Have a nice weekend, y’all


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