Living the moment, Braunschweig

Last summer I participated in a marketing competition organized by a well-known street wear fashion brand here in Europe, New Yorker. The brand is in a transformation phase where they wanted to thoroughly think about they brand and create something new for their customers while still maintaining the brand DNA.

New Yorker Brand New Challenge

Firstly opened in the town of Flensburg in 1971, New Yorker has now 968 stores in 38 countries such as in France, Poland, Portugal, Finland as well as Saudi Arabia and Morocco. The main style of this brand is young, fun and unique. Moreover, they want to inspire their customers to be brave, enjoy their everyday star moment and dress fearlessly.

Visit to New Yorker HQ

New Yorker HQ

Our visit started at the New Yorker headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany. There, my team and other participants had the chance to visit the different departments of the company such as marketing, branding and design.  We then did the presentation of our marketing research and delivered our new ideas for products promotion.

Presentation at New Yorker HQ

Presentation time at New Yorker HQ

New Yorker HQ

We then did a tour at the New Yorker flagstore in Braunschweig. The least that I could say is that the store is a heaven for fashion-lovers and shopping addicts. The building has four floors where they dedicated every floor to different subbrands of New Yorker such as AMISU and Fishbone. The day ended at one of the best steak house in town where we were served plenty delicious dishes and the winner’s team was announced.

New Yorker flagstore

New Yorker flagstore

New Yorker flagstore

My team and I didn’t make to the top 3 presentation but we had a lot of fun learning new things and meeting new people. The New Yorker personnel was very totally adorable and helpful during the entire day. The next day we visited the town but that, I will show you in the next post!

Have a wonderful week ahead everybody!


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