Happy Rizzi House, Braunschweig

During my promenade in Braunschweig the next day after the New Yorker Challenge, my team and I stumbled upon this very intriguing building.

Rizzi House Braunschweig

This building is called Happy Rizzi House and actually is an office building designed by the American Pop Art artist, James Rizzi.

Happy Rizzi House Braunschweig

BrBraunschweig Happy House

The building has a multitude colours and shapes and it definitely stands out amidst other more classical-style building in the area.

Brauunschweig Happy House

The building really brings the “happy” touch to the area, an excellent surprise indeed during my visit to Braunschweig.

Till then, have a good week!


2 thoughts on “Happy Rizzi House, Braunschweig

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