Eat : Pulp Kitchen, Lille

Eating healthy has been on my list since such a long time (read : new year’s resolution). If I do cooking myself, I tried to look for the freshest vegetables or leanest meat but when eating out, there’s not much choice out there for healthy stuff. Afterall, Nord-Pas-de-Calais is where most of the good beers are from as well as heavy, creamy dishes (see my review for Le Pain de La Bouche estaminet and you’ll understand).

Pulp Kitchen LilleFor all of the reason above, I was very excited when I heard that an organic restaurant and salon de the had just recently opened in town. Situated in rue de L’Hopital Militaire, Pulp Kitchen serves only organic and in-season vegetables, fish and meat to their client. They also offer gluten-free and lactose-free in their dishes which makes it perfect for those who have intolerant or allergies. The wine list as well as other drinks are also carefully selected. Some of them are unknown to me (like kombucha) so it’s best to ask the waiter(ess) before you order.

Pulp Kitchen Organic Food Lille

The restaurant’s decoration is definitely girlish, with pink and flowery wall paper. However, what I love the most is the mix-and-match flea market furniture that fits each other without looking overly put together. They also have a beautiful outdoor sitting area where you can sit whenever the sun shows up.

Pulp Kitchen Lille

The dishes however, created a short debate between me and Mr. (maybe I should bring girlfriends next time I come to Pulp Kitchen rather than a constant meat-eating man ;)). Don’t get me wrong, the food that we had was delicious and you can finish your plate without feeling a slight guilty. However, in my opinion, it’s hard to do veges-only meal and justify the price you make your clients pay (Don’t hesitate to share with me your opinion of organic business and restaurant in the comments, I am glad to hear about it).

Pulp Kitchen Lille

The menu-of-the-day that I had consists of a main dish and dessert and costs 14€. The main dish was a tartare-like sweet potatoes and buckwheat, served with spring vegetables and black sesame and mushroom cream. The contrast goes very well between the soft sweet potatoes and the cereal crunchiness brought by the buckwheat. The mushroom cream really brings out the gourmet aspect of the dishes and accompany marvellously the spring vegetables.

Pulp Kitchen dishes

I must admit that, after eating my main course, I still had some empty spaces in my belly to fill in with food but I guess that it just comes from my bad habit of eating more than I should. To complete our meal, we had dessert, apricot crumble for me and cheesecake for him.

Pulp Kitchen Cheesecake

I’m definitely coming back here to taste other savory and healthy dishes, or maybe some homemade pies for my afternoon tea. This is definitely where Gwyneth P. will come if she’s ever been to Lille, heh. Their menu-of the day changes frequently and the only way to see it is by stopping by at the restaurant.

Pulp Kitchen Lille

Thank you for reading and till next post lovelies!

Pulp Kitchen

106, rue de l’Hôpital Militaire

59000 Lille


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