Visit : Le Louvre-Lens Museum

So sorry that it took me so long to do this post. If you remember, I visited Lens for the first time in May and had a hearty lunch at this restaurant. Now lets take a look at this new gem of cultural scene in the North of France.

Louvre Lens | myfavoritelist

The museum was opened last year in December in a 20-hectare area that used to be a coal mine exploitation. The architects of Tokyo-based SANAA agency, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa were the brain behind this glass and polished aluminium architecture.This same architecture agency  is also the mastermind behind a few other famous buildings such as The New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC and Dior Omotesando Store in Tokyo. On the other hand, the garden of the museum is designed by Catherine Mosbach, a famous landscaper who also worked internationally, such as for Gateway Park in Taiwan.

Louvre Lens Main Gallery | myfavoritelist

Louvre Lens | myfavoritelist

All the paintings, sculptures and art works are carefully selected in different division of the main museum, the Louvre in Paris. The main gallery, with objects from Rennaissance, Egyptian, Middle Ages and other civilisations are organized chronologically.

Louvre Lens | myfavoritelist

Each year, some art pieces will be returned to Louvre Paris and exchanged with other historical pieces.  Among famous masterpieces that you can found here is by Eugene Delacroix, Albrecht Dürer and Hans Memling. The main gallery is then connected to the Exhibition Gallery where temporary exhibition is held, such as “Le temps à l’oeuvre” exhibition and more recently “L’Europe de Rubens”.

Louvre Lens | myfavoritelist

Delacroix Louvre Lens | myfavoritelist

The museum is of course much smaller thant the main one in Paris but the idea of having a different art pieces every six or twelve months is, in my opinion, much more interesting than visiting the same art pieces over and over again. The concept of chronological organization gives a freshness to a classic museum where you discover different pieces from different civilization at the same time. The museum garden wasn’t totally finished at the moment of my visit but since I am definitely returning here sometime, I guess I’ll give the garden a tour then.

Thank you for reading and till next post! Have a nice Monday and a productive week!


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