London food galore

Wow, looking at all my London photos make me miss that city so much. I really love the cool vibes that this city has as well as the different cultures that has shaped the town. Sure Paris has a lot to offer too, but I felt that in London, you can have almost everything that you want, whether you are craving some sushi, indian curry or french food.

I had posted my lovely adventure at Borough Market last time.  If you miss it, you can see it here. And here’s the rest of my food galore in the London city :

bubble tea oodle noodle | myfavoritelist

oodle noodle | myfavoritelist

Bubble tea and roast duck noodle at Oodle Noodle

malaysian kuihs | myfavoritelist

Sweet traditional malaysian munchies at Malaysian Hall

the vault restaurant london | myfavoritelist

The Vault bar, near London Bridge

london gourmet burger | myfavoritelist

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Tower Place

herman ze german | myfavoritelist

A cool german specialty, Herman Ze German

tuk tuk thai bayswater | myfavoritelist

Fried rice and roast duck (again!) at Tuk Tuk Thai, Queensway

veggie burger borough market | myfavoritelist

Veggie salad at Borough Market

carrot cake | myfavoritelist

Carrot cake bought at Borough Market

Boston Sausage Borough Market | myfavoritelist

Boston Sausage stand at Borough Market

Flat white coffee | myfavoritelist

Coffee break at Flat Cap Coffee

To end our eye feast, here are two photos that gives me a little chill to the bone, exotics burgers. I am not vegetarian but the idea of eating kangaroo or zebra meat just felt not right for me. Anyhow, I just took the photos and quickly left the food stall.

burgers borough market| myfavoritelist


Hope you’ll have a nice weekend and till next post!


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