Roy Lichtenstein Exhibition, Paris

Monday lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend.

As I promised you last week, I will show you a few pictures that I took during my short stop at Paris National Art and Cultural Center, Centre George Pompidou where I had an excellent time visiting Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective Exhibition.

roy lichtenstein centre pompidou | myfavoritelist

This Art Complex is situated in the Beaubourg Area in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris and was named after Georges Pompidou, the President of France from 1969 to 1974. This building houses a library, a modern art museum (the largent in Europe) as well as a centre for music and acoustic research.

Georges Pompidou Center | myfavoritelist

Boutique Centre George Pompidou | myfavoritelist

The Centre’s design is,  we can say, European. Italian architects Renzo Piano and Gianfranco Franchini works hand in hand with British architect Richard Rogers to imagine this Post Modern style building. Another interesting thing with the visit is that when you take the stairs to go from the first level of the building to the museum and exhibitions area, you will have a beautiful view of Paris from up above.

Centre George Pompidou | myfavoritelist

Centre George Pompidou devotes this exhibition to one of the greatest Post Modern art artists with more than 120 paintings, sculptures and other artworks. Paris is actually the fourth stage of Roy Lichtenstein exhibition series, after Art Institute of Chicago, Tate Modern London and National Gallery of Art Washington.

Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective Paris | myfavoritelist

This exhibition shows the ingenious spirit of Lichtenstein who started as a simple Pop artist.  His paintings, notably the comic series (Look Mickey, Drowing Girls and others) might be his most famous artwork but he also worked with metal engraving and sculptures.

Look Mickey | myfavoritelistLook Mickey, 1961, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C

Roy Lichtenstein Engagement Ring | myfavoritelistThe Ring (Engagement), 1962

roy lichtenstein george pompidou | myfavoritelistLeft : M-Maybe, 1965, Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany

Right : Oh, Jeff…I Love You, Too…But… ,1964, Stefan T. Edlis Collection

I first fall in love with Pop Art during my visit to Ludwig Museum in Germany. I didn’t know much about art at that time and I went to the museum not knowing that I will discover some of the greatest collection of artworks and paintings. Since then I tried to expand my knowledge in art and took the chance to visit renown museums all around Europe whenever I can. I am still, not in any way, an art expert but I love seeing all the creative works and I really appreciate the effort done to produce them.

roy lichtenstein sunrise | myfavoritelistSunrise, 1965

After his prominent breakthrough with the comic series, he turned to landscape subjects to find his inspirations. He became more experimental with materials to create illusionistic optical effects. I think that the painting below, (White Cloud) is my favorite of the exhibitions :

roy lichtenstein white cloud | myfavoritelistWhite Cloud, 1963

Lichtenstein also reproduced some of the famous paintings of Impressionist, Cubist, Futurist, Surrealist, and German Expressionist styles such as Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles and Picasso’s Femme d’Alger. Some may say that it’s copycat but the artworks that he chose to reproduce (or parody as he said) are actually the ones he admired.

roy lichtenstein | myfavoritelist

roy lichtenstein henri matisse | myfavoritelist

Artist’s Studios, inspired by Henri Matisse’s l’Atelier rouge (1911)

landscapes in the chinese style roy lichtenstein | myfavoritelist

One of the final paintings by the artist, included in his series of “Landscapes of the Chinese Style” with dots and black contours.

I hope you like this post as much as I enjoyed my visit. It’s one of the major exhibitions for me until today. Having most of Lichtenstein’s artwork under one roof is a priviledge and a one-time experience, even for an art newbie as me. If you are in Paris, don’t hesitate to take a few hours to visit the center and the exhibitions.

Centre George Pompidou
19 Rue Beaubourg 75004 Paris

Till next post!


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