Do : Braderie de Lille 2013

Some of you might already know that every year in Lille we have a gigantic and nation-wide famous event call “la Braderie de Lille”. It is actually a clearence sale, or car boot sale organized in numerous area in Lille. This open-air market is held every first weekend of September and symbolically marked the start of a new school year.

braderie lille 2013 | myfavoritelist

braderie lille 2013 | myfavoritelist

The event is divided in a few categories, as not only private individual can participate in the event but also shops and stores. Furthermore, La Braderie is also famous as the yearly meet-up for the bric-à-brac trader and vintage or antiques collectionneurs. People come from as far as the Netherland to scour good stuff for a reasonable price at this event. Needless to say, recent economic and unemployment crisis also shift the buying behaviour in France. More and more people are opting for second-hand goods and Braderie is definitely a good alternative to buying stuff at full price (who doesn’t want bargains and knock-offs right?).

braderie lille 2013 | myfavoritelist

Another Braderie tradition is “moules frites et biere” (mussels, french fries and beers) during the weekend. A number of Lille established restaurants offer this special “Braderie” menu for an affordable price but be prepared to wait for your table as every year, the event welcomes about 2 millions of visitors. As a local, this is my 7th year doing the Braderie, so I got to know which area to avoid (too crowded) and to have some patience and put my craving to eat mussels to other weekends of the year.

braderie lille 2013 | myfavoritelist

braderie lille 2013 | myfavoritelist

This year however I am not as excited as the previous years for the Braderie, mainly because I have my up-and-coming California holidays in my head (yeay! can’t wait). I went out anyway, just to feel the  vibe and people watching but ended coming home empty-handed.

Hope you had a nice weekend and are ready for a great week ahead! Till next post!


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