Travel diary : Los Angeles

Welcome to La La Land aka Los Angeles!

After a six-hour drive from San Francisco and a quick stop at Santa Barbara, Mr. and I finally arrived at the City of Angels. I can tell you that the arrival was brutal.  San Francisco was cool and relaxed, so when we arrived at LA, we were quite in shock. Let me explain myself.

Our host’s place (we booked a room at airbnb) was located at Hollywood, a few walks away from the famous Hollywood Boulevard. I don’t know if this is the case for everyone but since this is our first time here, we drive quite slowly. Big mistake I tell you. People kept honking the horn at us whenever we slowed down to find the road. We were quite panicked at first but luckily we found our way to Hollywood Boulevard. Phew!

hollywood boulevard | myfavoritelist

hollywood boulevard | myfavoritelist

The next day was spent mainly at Universal Studios and Hollywood area. Mr. is a big fan of movies in general so he was so excited to visit the studios and the park. We also did the Warner Bros tour and learned a lot about filming and film production.

universal studios | myfavoritelist

universal studios | myfavoritelist

hard rock cafe | myfavoritelist

warner bros | myfavoritelist

warner bros | myfavoritelistCute pink car for Pretty Little Liars team

LA is not entirely LA without a stop at the beach! We spent the whole afternoon walking around Santa Monica, taking pictures, watching people and swimming of course. We also went for a walk around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. The luxury is definitely there but I think I prefer the atmosphere in Europe for window shopping.

santa monica | myfavoritelist

santa monica | myfavoritelist

santa monica | myfavoritelist

rodeo drive LA | myfavoritelist

rodeo drive LA | myfavoritelist

Finally, my favorite spot of LA! As I said previously, LA is everything  glamorous Hollywood and movie stars for me and less arty or cultural city. However, when I discover J. Paul Getty Museum, I was star-strucked! I was quite “used” to European museums as I had the chance to visit quite a number of them. Paul Getty Museum was different. The area is huge and it offers you the best view of LA! Promise, I’ll make a special article about the museum later but I am pleased to share a few photos of the museum here.

paul getty museum | myfavoritelist

paul getty museum | myfavoritelist

Our four-day stay was hectic but we had an enjoyable time. The City of Angels can be too big and too scary for some people. And I sincerely think that I am part of those people. Some say that you might just not found “your LA” yet. But worry not my friends, I would definitely say yes to a second visit to this city, no matter how scary or chaotic it is.

Have a great week everyone!


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