Do : 23rd Marché des Modes in Lille

23eme-marché-des-modes | myfavoritelistIt’s that time of the year again! Nope, I’m not talking about Christmas, even if you can feel it coming faster than you think (see holiday glitter in Lille in my article here). Like every year in Lille, la Maison des Modes is organizing their annual fashion market in Ensait and Le Vestiaire in Roubaix.

During the event, you can find a lot of high quality products, varies from accessories, clothes and shoes, all with reasonable price. Last year, more than 15 000 visitors came and did their shopping during the event. I must say, this is a perfect opportunity to find a special gift to your loved ones. Moreover, this year, the participants of the market are not only from Lille’s Maison des Modes but from all around Europe.

This year, the event is more special than ever, as you can bring your unusable clothes, mainly dresses, jeans, even kid’s clothing for holiday season. All these unused clothes will be donated to a charity pop-up store that will be organized by Lille’s city council and Lille Solidaire.

So mark your calendar! If you are around the corner, don’t forget to come and visit the market!

Marché des Modes
Friday 6th – Sunday 8th 2013
ENSAIT, avenue Jean Lebas à Roubaix
Le Vestiaire Maisons de mode, 27 rue de l’Espérance à Roubaix


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