Happy Monday!

Hello everyone!

How’s your Christmas/New Year preparation going on? I had a relaxing weekend, less hectic than last weekend and I am very happy about it.

We went to see “Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug” and once again, I was really impressed by the visual effects of the fim, enchanting in some scene, eerie and spooky at the others. I haven’t read the book and I doubt that I will one day but I truly enjoy the film.

We also did our last Christmas shopping, both on Saturday AND Sunday (I hardly go out on Sunday, except for grocery shopping) and I think we’re good. Hopefully, we didn’t miss anything out!

pinata | myfavoritelistFound this cool pinata during my third visit to the same toy shop  (I practically come here every weekend since December)

Finally I start to dig in cool addresses and things to-do in Paris. A few friends from my high school are coming to Paris after Christmas, so I’m preparing myself by to be a good host! :)

paris guide | myfavoritelistIdeas anyone on what to do/visit in Paris (other than the touristy places like Champs Elysée and Eiffel Tower)?

A few articles on Christmas Gift Series are coming this week (If you haven’t check them out, they are here, here and here).

Have a nice week and chill out, it’s almost Christmaaaas!


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