Happy Monday!

Happy Monday people! And back to work for me (insert sad face here).

I am super happy though that I had one wonderful holiday, eating good food and hanging around people that I love.

christmas dinner | myfavoritelistChristmas Eve dinner

christmas dinner | myfavoritelistChristmas day dinner

And since I am a good kid and Santa had received my letter on time, he brought me this (insert happy face here) :

christmas present | myfavoritelistVoilà, my new Kindle (with pink covers included hihi) and I downloaded a few sample books to try it. If you are a happy Kindle-owner, don’t forget to leave a feedback in the comments!

On Friday a few friends from highschool came to Paris, so we went to walk around touristy area. It was quite gloomy but luckily Christmas decoration was still up.

eiffel tower | myfavoritelist

lafayettes | myfavoritelist

Finally, I had a delicious lunch on Saturday at tomate cerise, grilled salmon with parmesan risotto and vegetables.

salmon and parmesan risotto | myfavoritelist

How was your weekend?

Happy monday and have a great week!


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