Happy Monday!

Hello lovelies! The past week has been very hectic! (Hence, not much post around here). My current project is way behind the  schedule so our team is working hard on catching up and getting things done.

In the meantime, please enjoy my IG posts from last week!

I managed to do some shopping but since I made a promise to myself to spend wiser this year, I just bought one stuff since the sale began two weeks ago. Love this practical pair of pinstripe pants that I scored at Zara sales:

zara pants | myfavoritelist

It’s getting colder and colder here so Mr. and I had soup whenever we can :

soup | myfavoritelist

Passed by this adorable shop. Look how cute and girlish the two sweaters :

au bonheur de sophie | myfavoritelist

Tried a new coffee spot near Gare Lille Flandres (worth a second visit to try their pastries, muffins and cheesecakes)

The coffee shop lille| myfavoritelist

A new 100% organic grocery shop is just opened in Lille. It’s on my go-to list now.

organic shop | lille

How was your week? Please share!

Hope you’ll have a great week! Happy Monday y’all!


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