Travel Diary : Scottsdale, Arizona

Before continuing our journey to Grand Canyon, we did a short pit stop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our initial plan was to do a quick check-in at our hotel and go straight to Phoenix but after 5-hours drive from San Diego, we were exhausted and we opted to stay in instead.

scottsdale arizona | myfavoritelist

Scottsdale is situated around 20-minute drive from Phoenix. The Old Town Scottsdale is widely known for its art galleries and nightlife. In 2005, American Style Magazine even named Scottsdale Arts Festival as the number one art event in the USA. Other than that, Scottsdale is also the number one destination for golf with more than 200 golf course spead across the town.

scottsdale arizona | myfavoritelist

The old cowboy style building are also very well kept in this area, with a number of shops selling cloths, jewelleries and souvenirs.

scottsdale arizona | myfavoritelist

After our short stroll around the town we had our dinner at Frank & Lupe’s, a nice mexican restaurant. I had Huevos Rancheros and Mr. had chicken with a mole sauce. Both dishes were delicious but we were mostly surprised (in a good way) by the mole sauce. We ended our night a small bar nearby, watching a band rocking the stage.

Frank & Lupe's Scottsdale | myfavoritelist

It was already warm when we woke up the next morning in Scottsdale (it was my birthday as well). We continued our journey then to Flagstaff before spending my birthday evening at Grand Canyon and Tusayan. I really enjoyed our short stay at Scottsdale and Arizona. I sincerely thought that I would not love it because the weather was too hot and dry. This stay has definitely changed my mind and now I am sure that I would be glad to return here to discover more!

Till next post! Happy Tuesday!


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