Eat : Holy Cow, Lille

If you live in France, you might acknowledge one of the hottest trends in food and restaurant for the last few years is the burger mania. Food trucks, local fast food chains, traditional french brasseries and even famous chefs are including burgers in their menu .

Noted that, however, in France they took food very seriously. Even though burger is often recognised as junk food, most restaurants or food trucks here step up their game and adapt their burgers with some French touch, whether by creating special sauce or use different types of meat.

holly cow lille | myfavoritelist

Now on to my review about this not-so-new burger spot. I firstly heard about Holy Cow when I went to Geneva last winter. Created by Richard and Jessica Williams in 2009, Holy Cow is now opened in three cities in France, including in Lille last March.

holly cow lille | myfavoritelist

In Lille, the restaurant is situated next to the main train station, making it easy for hungry travellers or even those who need quick lunch or dinner after work. You can also find McDonalds and Kentucy Fried Chicken on the same street, so if you want to have some change on your usual fast food night, Holy Cow is a good option.

holly cow lille | myfavoritelist

A simple mix of industrial and rustic style decoration for the restaurant.

holly cow lille | myfavoritelist

Holy Cow offers a number of choices in their menu. As long as I can remember, this is the first time I have more than one options for vegetarian burger. The steak is made of lentille, oats and chickpeas. I chose a salsa to accompany my veggies steak, adding some spicy taste to it. If you prefer beef or chicken, they also have a number of different choices, for example served with avocado, marinated with teriyaki sauce, extra bacon or chorizo, served with blue cheese and other stuffs.

veggie burger holly cow lille | myfavoritelist

The price is also very reasonable. The main menu, consists of a burger, french fries and a drink is a little more than 10€ (I think it’s 11.90€). They also have a special price for student but you can only choose between two beef options. Both burger and french fries made a substantial meal, enough for me to continue my whole afternoon wandering around Lille. Unfortunately the menu lacks a small sweet dessert to cheerfully end it. A simple fruity pastry would be nice to wrap it all up!

Holy Cow Lille,
11 rue de Tournai
59800 Lille

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