Do : Go to see Lille Orchestra

When I was little, classical music was never in my list. You see, I started with Backstreet Boys before moving to Linkin Park and Eminem. Now that I am in my twenties, I tend to listen to something more indie pop and rock (I am totally into Of Monsters and Men at this moment). This week however, I came across an interesting article about Lille’s National Orchestra (ONL) and their new collaborations with other cities.

Since I am always open to new things to try, I think that this event is a great opportunity to do something out of your comfort zone.  This weekend they are welcoming a special guest from our neighbouring country Belgium. The Liège Royal Philharmonic (OPRL) will play with Yulianna Avdeeva, a young piano prodigy from Russia. Under the direction of Antoni Wit (music director of Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra), they choose to perform a range of classical opus such as Chopin’s Concerto n°2 and  Szymanowski Symphonie n°2.   Even if you are a newbie like me, I’m sure you will have a great time with this special music program.

orchestre lille | myfavoritelistCredit photo : Orchestre Lille website

Price : 9€ – 20€ for under 28 / 18€ – 45€ normal price

Orchestre National de Lille
Nouveau Siècle, Rue Mendès France, 59000 Lille

Have a great Friday!


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