Travel diary : Las Vegas

What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas! In my case, nothing really dangerous or outrageous, actually :)

las vegas | myfavoritelist

After 5 hours drive from Arizona across superb view, we finally arrived at the Sin City. We wanted to stay close to the Strips so we decided to lay down at the splendid Caesars Palace. If you have already seen The Hangover, I am sure that you’ve already have a glimpse at this huge hotel. With six towers and 3,960 rooms, the hotel is a town in itself. People bustling in and out, shops, dine and spend money at various machines.

las vegas | myfavoritelist

paris las vegas| myfavoritelist

caesars palace | myfavoritelist

Other casino hotels are just nearby and most of them have underground connections so that you can walk easily to the other buildings.  I was really impressed by the Venetien hotel. The architectural replicas are divines, eventhough you could never compete with the real Venice.

venetien las vegas| myfavoritelist

venetien las vegas| myfavoritelist

venetien las vegas| myfavoritelist

The night scene of Vegas was definitely worth to see once in your life. Among many may cars on the Strips, there were a zillion of tourist taking pictures, dining out and walking around.

venetien las vegas| myfavoritelist

venetien las vegas| myfavoritelist

las vegas at night| myfavoritelist

This is my last post in US Travel Diary series. As you can see in my previous post, this is one of my favorite trips so far. Often Mr and I are talking and dreaming about returning to California or other US cities but for the moment, we are still busy at work. My next big trip planned will definitely be home in summer but who knows, a short trip for a week or two may be possible.

Till next post lovelies! Have a great day!


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