Happy Monday (with prayers and thoughts)

I woke up on Saturday morning to the terrible news of the missing airplane of Malaysia Airlines.  Mr and I had booked our train ticket to Brussels that morning so in between breakfast, getting ready and other stuff I managed to text my mum to ask if everybody was OK at home.

Thank God none of my family members or friends were in the missing plane but that morning I truly felt sad. Even after 48hours, almost no evidence or proof was found. I cannot imagine what the family members of the passangers and crew members thought at this moment but my prayers are with them.

In the other hand, we had a lovely weather here in France since a few days now. We were planning to go to the Science Museum in Brussels but ended up just walking around the city town. Here are some IG photos from my day trip :

breakfast at le pain quotidien | myfavoritelist

street art brussels | myfavoritelist

grand place brussels | myfavoritelist

waffles | brusselsAs much as I love social media, I tend to stick to traditional medias for information for this kind of unfortunate event. I hope all the family members and friends of the passangers and MH370 crews will be strong and I keep praying for their safety.

Be safe, be strong and Happy Monday!


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