Happy Monday!

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the lack of post lately. Workload is really taking over most of my time and my only wish after work was to get back, have a nice dinner and watch TV.

Here are some highlights of my weekend :

new sneakers | myfavoritelistAccidently (I swear!!) bought a new pair of sneakers. This time it’s Adidas NEO

flowers | myfavoritelistBeautiful bouquets at the Wazemmes market. Orange is the new black people!

vintage travel books | myfavoritelistThe travel bug in me is itching again. It’s not helping that I found these beautiful vintage travel guides at the market. Italy, maybe?

street art lille | myfavoritelistCame across this cute street art near Lille Grand Palais.

salon habitat lille | myfavoritelistWent to the annual Home Design Fair at Lille Grand Palais (did a review on myfavoritelist once, you can find it here). This beautiful design piece is by Elizabeth Baeza.

On the other hand, wnother week goes by and we still haven’t found any concrete answers about the missing MH370 plane. Thousands and millions of people around the world are still hoping and praying for all the passangers and crews to be found safe and sound. All my prayers and thoughts are with them.

I wish everyone a productive week ahead!


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