Do : See some street art

Street art (or urban art) is a form of visual art created in a public area and come in different forms such as graffiti, street installation or posters. Personally, I only know two famous artists, Keith Haring and Banksy. Some early iconic works can be found in New York city, San Francisco’s Mission District, San Diego’s East Village and Los Angeles (mainly La Brea area and Melrose Avenue).  Here are some street arts that I’ve managed to capture, in Lille and during my travel :

street art brunswick | myfavoritelist

street art lille | myfavoritelist

street art brussels | myfavoritelist

Ashbury Heights | myfavoritelistAll my photos are on my IG (here)

If you have already walk around Lille, I am sure you’ve come across some familiar street art work. They are created by a local artist by the name Mister P. Hail from the suburban, he first started his work by putting Charles de Gaulle, the famous first president of the French Fifth Republic on Lille’s streets. His artwork can now be found in Brussels, Lyon and even Portugal.

mister p  lille | myfavoritelistI came across this one in Lille sometime ago

His artworks are now displayed at Urban Square Gallery in Vieux Lille, proving that street art is making it’s entrance in the more posh art world. The exhibition shows various types of artwork, such as canvas painting and screen prints. I found this interview of Mister P. and he’s stated that his inspirations come from fashion movements (!), the 60’s and 70’s as well as skateboard circle. Other than his iconic Charles de Gaulle portraiture, you can now discover a new figure(a superhero with a cute moustache) at Urban Square Gallery. Hope you’ll have fun!

Entrance free of charge

Art exhibition “Mister P is indoor !”

Until 30th June
Urban Square Gallery, 24 bis, rue Esquermoise, Lille

Facebook Page : Urban Square Gallery , Mister P


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