Happy Monday (and Buongiorno)!

Buongiorno de Firenze!

I’m writing this directly from Firenze, where I am attending one week of extensive class for italian. This class is one of the perks offered by my company for employees who has been working for more than one year.

Even if my italian is molto, molto cattivo, I am trying my best to converse with other students in italian. Furthermore, I am staying with a very kind lady who lives with her 8-year-old daughter.

Some of my IG photos here but if you want to see more, you can follow me here

macarons laduree | myfavoritelist

Bought these delicious macarons at Laduree. One box for me and another one for my host, Elena

flight | myfavoritelist

This is my first time flying after that incident with Malaysia Airlines, so naturally I was quite worried. But thankfully everything went well.

piazza santa croce | myfavoritelistMy school is situated near Piazza Santa Croce. I will take full advantage of this beautiful view during my 5-minutes walk everyday, for sure!

luisaviaroma | myfavoritelist

Passed by Luisaviaroma but definitely not in my budget ahah!

Tomorrow my language school will organize a special visit and talk on gelato! I’m pretty sure my name will be on the top of the list of participants.

Have a great day (or great evening if you are in Europe). Ciao!!


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