Hello Summer!

Usual Monday post to wish you “Happy Monday” and more importantly , “Happy Summer” to everyone. Hope you’ll have a wonderfull two months full of ice-creams, beautiful sunsets, picnics and outdoor lunches!

20140621-222908-80948915.jpgRedcurrent ice-cream from Kokoa at Rue des Sept Agaches

A few Instagram snap from this weekend :

breakfast | myfavoritelist

 My Saturday morning breakfast! Pancakes with bananas and heart-shaped sprinkles

Cafeine Coffee Lille | myfavoritelist

Had a nice cold coffee from a new coffee spot, Cafeine Coffee at Rue des Trois Mollettes

green wall | myfavoritelist

Came across this Lille-inspired green wall during our walk in the town center

fete de la musique lille | myfavoritelist

First day of summer also means Fete de la Musique here! It was so exciting with all different types of groups playing outdoors.

In short, a happy and relaxing weekend.

Till next post! Lots of love from Lille


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