Vintage Finds : Chairs

As you may know, it is that time of the year again in Lille. Every year, during the first weekend of September, the town of Lille organized a huge car boot and flea market called “La Braderie de Lille“. The event marks the beginning of the school year and the arrival of autumn.

Last year Lille welcomed around 2,5 millions of visitors and everywhere you can find various events and street shows. Since the event is held the whole weekend, on Saturday I went to see some friends but on Sunday I went to do some vintage window shopping.

You can find a lot of things, useful or not but what catches my eyes this year is beautifully crafted chairs. They are everywhere and even though I don’t even quite need them, I just can’t stop taking photos. Some of them needs repairs and fixing but mostly they are in good shape.

Hope you enjoy my photos here and do share if you have any preferences ;)

Chairs 01 Braderie Lille 2014

Chairs Braderie Lille 2014

Chairs 03 Braderie Lille 2014

IChairs 04 Braderie Lille 2014

IChairs 05 Braderie Lille 2014

IChairs 06 Braderie Lille 2014

IChairs 07 Braderie Lille 2014

IChairs 07 Braderie Lille 2014

Happy Tuesday and till next post!


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